How to take a cold shower – Science of Hydrotherapy


Richness will come, don’t bother. Poverty will come, no bother. Disease will come, no bother. Bother for nothing. But if you have a strong-build mind, body and soul, everything will come. All adversity will come, but it won’t touch you, because nobody wants to pick a fight with a powerful man.

Yogi Bhajan


Yogi Bhajan doesn’t promise everlasting peace or life without adversity because that’s not real.

I don’t practice so that I will have easy life, I practice so that I can be strong to overcome challenges that are sure as death to come. I practice so that I can make better choices that take me on higher level of my life. That higher level is not without its own obstacles but I feel less trapped and my soul more creative.

Kundalini yoga is a whole lifestyle that you have option to follow. It is a lifestyle recipe for humans to live on a higher level more evolved level. Taking cold showers is just one (but pretty essential) part of it.

In this video I want to share with you how I do it. 

I am also sharing it so that you don’t make the same mistake as I did and catch a cold when doing it.

If you like to read the full Yogi Bhajan lecture on Ishnaan – The Science of Hydrotherapy – check out the book Yoga for Youth and Joy

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