[video] Addictions are parasitic in nature

2 meditations to break addiction

Addiction part 2. Addictions are parasitic in nature and in extreme case that parasitic relationship can make you and your soul a slave –  not free to experience life in its fullest and your soul suffers tremendously because of it. Addiction makes you dependent on outside source of energy in order for you to feel…

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Addictions, Consumerism, Ascension, Jeff Bezos and my favorite kriya to create change


COFFEE ADDICTION I have said good bye to many addictions in my life and after my fast last month, I realized, I am still very closely attached to many things and one of them is coffee. You might laugh and think that being addicted to coffee is harmless but that’s not true for me. Coffee…

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Let’s talk about the turban

Kundalini turban

One of the cool things about wearing turban is that for some people it speaks to their soul directly. They resonate with it without rationally knowing why. But that’s not the real reason of the turban’s technology. When babies are born they have something called soft spot at the top of their head. The bones…

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Healthy living for life – 5 vague tips


        Thi This video includes all 5 tips plus in depth explanation of each tip. it’s sort of entertaining and I hope you get where I am coming from.          

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Replace Buffer with Inner Strength

3/5 Replace your Buffer with Your Inner Strength. Have you ever consider that maybe your extra pounds could be a buffer that your body created against stress or physic attacks? Some people also gain weight to hide their true selves. Others gain weight only in specific areas like shoulders, waist or hips. Not all weight gain is a…

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Past lives, guides, new earth – interview with Michael James Garber

This interview was so much fun. we talked about journey of the soul, past lives, how does transformation happens and the extraordinary times that we live in right now and of course about Dolores Canon. Michael Is a powerful past life regressionist and hypnotherapist from Ashland, Oregon. He has many years of experience with leading…

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Yogi Bhajan on Creative Meditation (lecture analysis)


“People are not willing to admit the part they play in their own life for their own misery. I call it ‘sophisticated misery.’ We create it. We pay for it and we are part of it.” Yogi Bhajan says in another lecture. But the solution to this issue is in what he calls Creative Meditation…

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Your Ultimate Manifestation Meditation


Yogi Bhajan said that if you want to manifest something, you have to do it from the sixth chakra – Your Third eye. In my previous job I used work with a lot of interns. Looking back, it’s almost unreal how easy it was to tell who is made for greater things or who will…

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Sharpen your Third Eye with these practices


Last time I talked to you all about grounding so since we have established a grounded foundation, it is a good time to go higher into a Third Eye or Sixth chakra. These days I live in a state of constant hidden excitement about how much everyone’s Third Eye is developing. How much we are…

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Grounding: The most underestimated practice in the spiritual world


Grounding is collecting or banking on all the things that you already know. Grounding is like the cashing in, the cha-ching after every effort that you are able to create into reality. It could be actual money, it could be winning a court case, getting clients, making difference,… You get the picture.   Grounding is…

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