Addictions, Consumerism, Ascension, Jeff Bezos and my favorite kriya to create change


I have said good bye to many addictions in my life and after my fast last month, I realized, I am still very closely attached to many things and one of them is coffee.

You might laugh and think that being addicted to coffee is harmless but that’s not true for me. Coffee is creating havoc on my body. So I asked why? and the answer that I got was this:
– Because of your light work, your body is getting lighter, energetically speaking, and coffee is too harsh for it. It’s creating a lot of symptoms and also not allowing you to continue on your path.


In our minds we all want better world with nicer people, cleaner environment, … yet in our actions, we are still knowingly harming our bodies and our planet. We knowingly treat each other wrongly, knowingly eat terrible foods and knowingly and collectively ignore the problems. All of that, just because WE CAN’T SAY NO to things.
I believe that addiction does not only include problems with alcohol, drugs, cigarettes. It also includes our addiction to things (gadgets, clothes, even food). We are addicted to consumerism.
Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon – worlds largest store) is already thinking about creating ways for us to manufacture in space. He wants us to buy more and often, yet he is aware of the problems that it creates for our Earth (pollution, limited resources, energy). You can watch his interview here

Just as drug addictions are straining and damaging our bodies, the same way our earth is damaged by our addiction to things.

If we want to create better world and also evolve into higher humans, we need to become free of silly attachments and have strength to say no.


For now let’s just be aware of the amount of unnecessary things we surround ourselves with.

The Aquarian Age is rolling in slowly and with it come new ideas of how does successful person look like, how does rich person look like. Slowly, we will become tired of things, no matter how beautiful. They will only clutter our world. We will get tired of throwing away clothes after 1 season. We will have enough.

And we will admire those who have few things, yet they are happy, confident, smart, healthy.

If we want to overcome our various addictions these are few simple steps
First is courageous awareness
Second is making tiny little steps in the right direction
Third is repeat, repeat, repeat
Keep trying.

In this video besides talking about coffee and how to break a habit, I want to share with you my favorite kriya that I practice often in the morning. It’s short and sweet and it will give you strength to start moving in the right direction.

Sat Nam.

Zita Harkaran

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