3 Requirements to take the Right Action + Meditation to Get It Done



This video, and this meditation, helps to bring the elusive ideas and downloads down into the action mode of your body.

Many of us, based on passed experiences, past lives or cultural habits have strong blocks of fear in our body and mind when it comes to taking action. Our egos are holding us at the standstill.


How do you know which idea is the best one to act on?
And when you find that idea,

How do find the strength and courage to act on it?
A little hint, it requires a practice.


The practice of kundalini yoga is sometimes as hard as changing your life. That’s why it is not the most popular form of yoga (not yet), and the reason why many people are not able to stick with it. It requires a lot of you but it also gives a lot in return. It’s like a good teacher.

There are so many forms of spirituality, so many wonderful guides and paths to chose from but many of them are not interested in the body and how to bring this elevated experience of the consciousness into the body and every day life and subsequently, create the change in the world.

What I am sharing with you today is a concrete, practical exercise that will make you take the most courageous action.  Plus I’ll share 3 requirements to take the right action.


The meditation is called Meditation for the Producer Aspect of the Mind from the book “The Mind” by Yogi Bhajan.

Let me know what you think.

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