Sharpen your Third Eye with these practices


Last time I talked to you all about grounding so since we have established a grounded foundation, it is a good time to go higher into a Third Eye or Sixth chakra.

These days I live in a state of constant hidden excitement about how much everyone’s Third Eye is developing. How much we are all able to perceive more of what’s behind the veil. I see people searching for their own truth, finding their own wisdom, strength, health, intuition and it gives me hope for our future.

This video is not about how to clear your pineal gland from toxins, this is about how to sharpen your own inner intuition, wisdom, perception and also projection for the future and with that manifestation.

One of the most important practices for the Third Eye is to stay open and humble to what we don’t know, yet or what we don’t understand, or to what seems unbelievable.

Second, we need to use our third eye to find center and neutrality.

Third, we need to use the perception of the Third Eye to visualize and project for the path and future we like to take in life.

PLUS I’ll share with you super duper meditations that will make your Third Eye vibrate on a whole another level.

and much more.

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