Raise Kundalini In Quick Order

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Probably many of you already know what kundalini is and how it feels and I would love to hear your description of what kundalini is to you.

In this post I would like to share what kundalini is to me.

I am not exaggerating if I say that almost every day I think of what kundalini means and how kundalini yoga is benefiting my life and has potential to benefit other people’s lives.

AND almost every day, I come up with new reasons, definitions, clear advantages and distinctions. and THEN not every day but when I practice something new or something that I forgot about in a while, I am in a complete state of awe and head bowing reverence to the teachings and my mind opens up to possibilities.

How does kundalini feel?  

One word: HOME

Kundalini is not anything esoteric or anything you have never felt before. It’s a feeling of being at home in your own body while your mind is connected to the infinity.

You feel at ease with million of your thoughts, ideas and dreams while in a constricting space of your body and time.

You feel at home just by being yourself and you feel connected to the larger energy of life.

You are balanced between polarities of life, are aware of greater picture and one more thing; you feel accompanied as if there was someone powerful and loving near you (without being creepy).

Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru. 

When I first started studying kundalini yoga, I read a lot about spontaneous kundalini rising and it didn’t seem like anything I just described. It was as if a powerful current of unsettled energy took over people’s bodies and mind and made regular existential activities unbelievably hard to sort through.

Kundalini in a physical sense is an electromagnetic current something like what nerves send to each other. When this powerful current initiates and starts flowing through a nervous system that is not upgraded and has big blocks in its chakras, kundalini rising can be the most uncomfortable experience ever.

Kundalini yoga as thought by Yogi Bhajan prepares, upgrades and strengthens the body and mind so that kundalini can rise naturally in just a right amount to what you are open for. This kriya will give you natural kundalini rising experience.

When I first discovered Raise Kundalini in Quick Order kriya, I’ve sat in meditation for indefinitely long period of time and had hard time feeling my body. It was as if I was in a another dimension where time and space didn’t exist. 

Give it a try.

What do you think?

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