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Welcome 2015 with Greater Courage



This meditation challenge is completely FREE. It takes place just before the end of the year, so that you can step into the New Year as a New You.

When you join this meditation challenge, you will change your deep subconscious limiting beliefs and you will access your great power, vigor and courage.

We will be doing Bowing Jaap Sahib meditation which is energizing, uplifting, and can help you put action behind your ideas.

It will give you quality of warrior-saint. Warrior-saint is someone that has the power to fight for the right cause to spread wellness, peace and love to all who need it.

The timing could not be better. We start on 11/22/14. Eleven is the number of inspiration and new ideas. twenty-two is the master number of putting your ideas into action. It’s called the master builder number. It has been revealed to me as the perfect time for this particular meditation. So would you hold yourself back if you can take your ideas into action and realization!

I have to say, I was holding back for a long time on whether to do this meditation or not. It is not easy, it’s pretty physical and a little strange, (but that’s Kundalini Yoga). However, I have decided, to listen to my soul in hope that you will be able to look pass the strange mantra and movement and see the pure love with which this was given to us.

If you feel like this is a time for you to step up, take action and uplift yourself and others, join us.

Join the next 40 days meditation challenge
Welcome 2015 with greater courage and positive attitude

When you choose to participate, you’ll commit to practicing this meditation anywhere from 3 – 30 minutes every day for 40 days.

We won’t be technically together but we will be together in our energy and intention.

You will also be supported via emails that come 2 – 3 times a week. Plus you can always email me (Zita) with any questions.  Together we will create very powerful effect on ourselves, our surrounding and the whole planet. Knowing there are other people with you going through similar experiences, will be a huge inspiration and it will make this challenge easier.

I’ll (Zita) be sharing my own experience via emails. Plus I’ll talk more about the meditation where it comes from, what it means and how to make the most of it.

We will also have a private Facebook group where you can meet others and ask questions, comment and meet new people.

Join the next 40 days meditation challenge
Welcome 2015 with greater courage and positive attitude

It’s the end of October but I can’t help feeling like it’s a spring. I see new flowers sprouting everywhere and there this special hustle and bustle in the air. I love it! it’s strange but cool.

Do you sometimes wish you had a manual for your life? Do you wish there would be someone who would take you by the hand and show you everything you need to know in order for you to serve the world?

A friend, colleague, wise man, guru, spirit, psychic, …

Well, you’ve got to watch today’s video in which I’ll share with you an important fact about your life on Earth and your purpose.

A Simple Thank you


no-time-square-pictureLet’s be totally frank,

Even if you have experienced benefits of meditation, even if you know meditation makes you feel good and it’s good for your health,

it is still OHHH SOOO HARD TO DO IT!!!

It’s hard to find time and it’s hard to force yourself to just sit still without being entertained.

And I’m talking about your own personal practice. Not about meditations you go through in classes, retreats, or accidentally stumble upon online.

I’m talking about times, when there is no one else around. It can sound like a crazy idea to just sit with your monkey mind and do nothing, especially, when you have so much work to do.

For those struggling times I want you remember that meditation will CREATE MORE TIME FOR YOU.

As Ghandi said: “I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one.”

He said it because he knew, a longer meditation will make him more effective and he’ll make less mistakes.

In today’s video, besides being a little sharp on you about finding time for meditation, I’ll share 4 ways in which meditation will save you time.


This video was filmed at a beautiful studio in Manhattan called HariNYC. Check their schedule for amazing classes in Kundalini Yoga Meditation and Qi Gong.

0. The Dreamer:

You have successfully finished your soul karmic journey in your previous lives. Now you are starting a new journey, starting from scratch with excitement and high dreams. Now is the time for faight and commitment to your dreams. No more getting stuck in karmic circles of your family or friends that makes you follow the wrong path for you. Remember that you always need to move forward. Great adventure is in front of you. It’s very likely you will purse spiritual path of some sort. 

Archangel Metatron will be your guide.  With his help you can retain childlike awe and wonder while making your way in the world.

1. The Magician

This is time for you to move on forward. You have many magical personality features that will help you gain a lot of success. This is the lifetime when you explore the world around you without hesitation or worry hat you will mess up something. whatever you’ll touch will turn to gold. 

Archangel Raziel will be your guide and will open doors to many spiritual secrets and mysteries. he will also speed up your manifestation so you can quickly enjoy the success you’ve always dreamed of.

2. High Priestess

High priestess is highly evolved person who have experienced success and glory but is now focusing on developing her/his intuition and wants to gain more insight since things may not be as they appear on the outside. The high priestess whats to know what lies beneath the daily life. She is looking deep within herself and carefully weights in the pros and cons before making her decision. She is not the one to just jump into action. 

Archangel Haniel is your guide. She will help you discover the grace and sacred feminine spirituality (like intuition and clairvoyance). You can turn to her if you need help making a decision or want greater clarity.

3. Empress

The Empress is very much like a mother character. She is full of creativity, and ready to nurture ofll the projects in her life. She is deeply concerned with nature and wants to everyone and everything grow in happiness and prosperity. Marriage children and family is very important to her. Your creativity, hard work and nurturing attention to  things will bring you great abundance in this life. 

archangel Gabriel is the guide for parents and caregivers and that’s why he was chosen for this card. He can inspire your creative ideas and gives you courage and opportunities to express them.

4. Emperor

 The emperor is all about organization and logic. He sets down the rules and discipline. An order is important to him. He is the father character of the tarot. He believes that in order for your dream to manifest properly there needs to certain structure on which it stands. He is a strong leader who is driven by the positive ego which means he has a strong desire to be successful on a large scale. 

Archangel Michael is your guide. With his strength and protection he will watch over that you stay on your path and follow your life’s purpose. Call upon him when you need help, courage and strength.

5. Unity

Unity card is about traditional viewpoints and ideas. It’s finding strength in belonging to something larger, a larger system then just our individuality.  Faith is the main factor in your life. It doesn’t necessarily mean spiritual faith but it could be karmic faith, or faith in others, faith in society. You see yourself as part of the whole and that important to you. You hold strong traditional believes.

Archangel Sandalphon is your guardian. He will help you to deliver prayer from earth to heaven. Call upon him when you are loosing your hope.

6. Lovers

This signifies that relationships are an important aspect in your life. Whether they are romantic, platonic, work based or social. The communication is the key for you. You want to let otter people know about how you feel. Your main driving point is to reach a balance with others.
The reason why Archangel Raphael was picked for this card is because he is patron of soul mates and healthy relationships, he is also angel of health and traveling.  

7. Chariot

Chariot represents someone incredibly driven by achievement. You are ready to rise and you are willing to do the hard work. You have the self discipline and strength that’s needed. You’ve probably have seen some sort of recognition in society and if not yet, you will definitely see it. You have a great ability to judge the situation and make the right decision. You are also great at exercising control.

Archangel Metatron is your guide and he will help you increase your motivation and energy so you can accomplish your tasks.

8. Justice

As the word signifies, this card is all about fairness and right decisions. It’s about  standing up for what is right. You are very fair person and you like to see every one else live by the same rules. You might be the first one to speak up if something is not right. and you like rule about these issues. Just has a strong sense for objectiveness and seeing it exercises in life.

Archangel Raguel is your guide he will help create harmony in relationships and will help you make the right decisions.


9. The Hermit

The hermit is deeply concerned with self exploration, he likes to spend time alone to devote himself to studies that interest him. It doesn’t mean that hermit is always a solitary person. He just likes to his research so that he can than share it and enlighten others. If you are the hermit, please know that people depened on you for a good advice. And maybe there is a spiritual quest in your future.

Archangel Raziel is your guide he will enlighten you and offer you great advice. Call upon him if you need advice.


10. The Wheel

The wheel is about change, turning the tide and basically a lot of positivity. It’s a creative and a wild ride. You are probably more likely to start something new then others. Your life moves fast for you and you easily reach advancement. Don’t be afraid to make changes in your life. You are evolving and things will only get better for you. It’s a wild but wonderful ride.

Archangel Michael is your guide. He’ll give you confidence, courage and strength.

11. The Strength

The strength is the card that calls for courage to be vulnerable, for strength to face our fears, and for compassion towards our weaknesses. It signifies that you are exploring your power and you might be pushing the limits of your comfort zone. You will achieve so much by doing that. Those fears that you were afraid of will become your little pets and never scare you again.

Archangel Ariel is your guardian. She is closely connected with nature and helps with day to day material needs. You can always call upon her if you need support with finances.


12. Awakening

This card signifies looking at the world from different perspective. It’s about having trust that even though things might look upside down, you still have trust that it will all work out. If you perceive material things as your base and spiritual things as your head, with this card you’ll get to turn it around. You plant your feet in heaven with trust that if you follow your heart and your spirit, you will be taken care of materially. 

Archangel Gabriel is your guardian. You can rely on him to help you become the messenger for your spiritual needs.


13. Release

This card is about releasing and letting go. It’s about learning that the flow of life continues even through all the changes that we experience. That change is always for the better and it creates space for the new and more exciting things to come in. You are learning to accept the changes of life and learning how to get through them.
Archangel Azrael is your guardian you helps to heal the pain and ease grieving.


14. Balance

Balance is about applying what you have learned in the past regarding your health and wellbeing. It cautions you to be careful to carefully weight your decisions. Look at the pros and cons, make sure that there is balance between what you give and what you get. Be compassionate and kind with yourself. It’s time to nurture yourself and not push.
Archangel Zadkiel is your guardian and will help you remember who you are. Your true self. He can help you increase your self-esteem, self-worth and deservedness.


15. Ego

Ego is the card that signifies you will be focusing on unstucking yourself from ego based fearful thinking and control. Addictions, temptations, dependency and excessive debt could be some of the issues you might be dealing with. Please consider it as a challenge which if once solved, will not come again. Be careful of getting pulled in by all the attractions and distractions, these things just want to trap you into wanting more. It’s never ending thirst.
Archangel Jophiel is your guardian who can help you elevate your thinking and experience beautiful emotions and thoughts. Call upon him when you need a little boost about how you feel about yourself, the world and life.


16. Life Experience

This card is about those big life changes that happen to us that make us chose a different path. In this life you work on learning how to initiate yourself to recognize the situation that is not leading you where you want to go and let go, spread your wings and fly. This is a huge and very important lesson. You are about freedom and awakening that brings you growth and brighter future. It’s important for you to tune to your intuition so that you are always on the right path instead of getting stuck.

Archangel Chamuel is your guardian angel. He is the angel of lost things and will help you find whatever you are seeking. Call upon him and then follow your intuition.


17. The Star

The star is about emerging from the dark. Finally seeing the end of the dark tunnel. You are guided by the lucky star. This life has lot of promising ventures for you. It’s also time of the awakening, getting through the dark times and bringing more light to others. You can be that shining star in the dark for a lot of people. Please make long term plans envision where you want to be and then take action. The wisdom that you have gathered in the past is ready to flow out and serve you and others. 

Archangel Jophiel is the angel that will bring you optimism, and bright outlook on your situation. Call upon him when you need to stay optimistic about your future.


18. The Moon

Moon is the card that teaches us about different perspectives on life. The same way as moon changes, your emotions change, your ideas, change, your mood change. What is important for you in this lifetime, is to find that one deep core inside of you that is always true. And also you’ll need to recognize how your own emotional self can put a skew on situation. This is not a bad thing, it’s actually very helpful when recognized and appreciated. If your card is moon you are intuitive, sensitive, maybe sometimes act irrational and you change your mind often. 

Archangel Haniel is your guide and has been for a long time associated with the full moon, intuition and clairvoyance. Call upon him when you need help developing, trusting and following your intuition.

19. The Sun

The sun is about enjoying all that the mother Earth can offer us. This lifetime will be so bright and happy for you. You will succeed in ways you never thought possible. Everything that you will begin will be blessed with abundance and success and will bring a lot of happiness to you. You need to keep you thoughts positive and everything will be great. You have the power of the sun that just dissolves any negativity and darkness. Please consider using your power of positivity for the right purpose. 

Archangel Uriel is your guide. He will help you to spark new ideas and solutions and will help you find clarity and confidence in your abilities.


20. Renewal

Renewal is about ending one project and evaluating what to do next. You want to make sure you’ll make the best decision for yourself and your family. You have seen and know a lot and that’s why you are now taking time to act and evaluate.  You’ll be faced with many choices and you’ll be making decisions that will change the course of your next lifetimes. It’s certainly an evolution and a new beginning. Don’t be afraid change something or to take a step on an unbeaten path. Have confidence in your abilities.

Archangel Jeremiel is your guide and he will help you evaluate your life so you can clearly decide what changes to take.


21. The World

This card is about completing something of a big importance. You are at the end and have gain a lot of insight into how the world operates, you’ve found your place in it and reached new understanding of yourself. In this lifetime you hold a large view point and you are able to see things from different perspectives. You can help people broaden their perspectives as well. You will be striving for perfection and mastery in everything you do in this life.

Archangel Michael is your guide call upon him to help you get those last finishing touches right and to help you guide your next steps.
This summary has been based on Angel Tarot Cards created by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

The MagicianWhen I first found out my personality and soul card, I wasn’t 100% sure how exactly it implies to my life, but it definitely rang true to me. It turns out I’m an The Empress. That day I’ve starred at The Empress card for a long time, I noticed all the details and my life purpose and my personality started to emerge. It become my favorite card of the tarot.

As the years pass by, I feel like I am slowly becoming more and more aligned with the Empress card and I see that the steps I take are very much in line with what this cards represents. It like the fuel that gets my engine going. It’s not the purpose in itself.

I have a feeling it would help you as well to find out your personality and soul cards.

But first: What do Personality and Soul cards describe?

Personality card – indicates what you have come here on Earth to learn in this particular life time. What important task you have set up for yourself to accomplish and to learn. These are large concepts, they don’t just talk about your job or family. This is so big that it can keep you busy your whole life.

Soul card indicates your soul’s purpose throughout all your lifetimes. You have one soul that reincarnates into different persons over the years, centuries and millennia. The deep trait along which your soul is evolving is just one. And that’s what this card talks about.

Step 1: Determine your Personality and Soul Number.

Add together your month, day and year of birth.

For example:

If your birthday is

October 3rd 1979

10 (month) + 3 (day) + 1979 (year) =  1992

reduce the number even further by adding together all the digits.

1+9+9+2 =  21.

When you get 2 digit number which is lower than 22, that’s your personality number.

To find out your soul number, reduce the number even further.

2+1= 3

Your personality number is 21 and your soul number is 3

It is not uncommon to come up with only 1 number for personality and soul (meaning when you add your birthday together, you just get one number):

March 3rd 1981

3+3+1981 = 1987 = 25 = 7

Since 25 is higher than 22, I added 2 + 5 and came up with only one number – 7

In this case your personality and soul numbers are same. If that happens to you, it means that in this life time you are working on your soul’s purpose and that makes you more that much more direct and focused.

If you get number 22, you’ll notice that there isn’t a card corresponding to it. What that means is that your personality number is card 0, the dreamer, and your soul number is 4, the emperor.

There is also a chance that you get 3 numbers. If your first number is 19 you will have 3 numbers 19, 10, 1

This is especially creative path in which all three numbers operate as both personality and soul.

Please calculate your number and than find a corresponding card below.

Step 2: Find the card corresponding to your number(s)

I chose Angel Tarot cards for this reading but any major arcana cards will do. I like that these cards are positive, don’t have frightening images on it and that you also get a little description underneath as well. Please don’t rely on a description too much though :).

Images of cards are below the article.

Step 3: Write down all your impressions.

Write anything that comes to your mind about your relationship to your card(s). Please don’t censor yourself. Look at the pictures closely. Use your intuition, notice any feelings, ideas, sounds and images that flash through your mind.  Trust yourself and your notions and your personality and soul expression will be revealed to you.

Your personality and soul card will become even clearer to you as the time goes by. You might want to meditate on it once in a blue moon :)

In case you are completely lost, next week I will reveal more descriptive meanings behind these cards.

But I do want to give you time to figure it out on your own :)

Please share in the comments below what insights did you get from your cards. Do they ring true to you? 














If you are looking for cards descriptions, CLICK HERE

I hope this was fun to do for you :)



For explanation of each card, please go here:


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