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04-4steps-initiate-creativityI am not an artist of any kind. I can’t sing to save my life, my drawing is on the level of 7 years old, and forget about playing an instrument. 

However, I always knew I was creative. But I’ve struggled with expressing my creative side, so I just let it go. Then I started doing Kundalini Yoga and my creativity could not be stopped. I get so many amazing creative ideas, plans and stories that I don’t have time to realize them.

I don’t get stuck anymore with thoughts like “oh this is a terrible idea what will other people think of me”, or “I won’t be able to pull that off” or the biggest block “this is not good enough”

Every one is extremely creative. I think to be able to express yourself creatively is pretty close to a total happiness. What are you doing to express yourself?

Would you like a little help with a powerful energy of Kundalini Yoga a.k.a “the remover of obstacles”? 

Watch this video and learn 4 steps that I use to help me initiate my creativity.



If someone had told me to just get into our baby crib to help my daughter fall asleep and stay sleep, I would have done it long time ago and saved myself from many sleepless nights and constant sleep interruption. 

I would also probably saved myself from brain fatigue and making myself look like a real fool for not being able to remember names and simple every day words like tights, table, pants,…

Yes my daughter just needed a little shift in her perspective. As far as she knew, her crib was this cold, unwelcoming place where she was always alone and separated. But when mommy got in there, all of a sudden, her crib was cozy and sweet.
I know not everyone is up for crawling into their baby’s crib, in that case you can just spray a little breast milk on the sheets. Looking for something less radical? I would start with playing fun games while your baby is in the crib. 

Let’s go back to me, now :). It took me 20 months to get to this point and that’s a lot of sleepless nights!  

There were three things I found relief during that time.

1. Sleep (of course) but oh so rare

2. Spending time in parks and nature. That’s where I found an oasis of energy. It seems so simple that we often overlook this basic need to be walking among trees, especially if you live in the city .

3. Meditation. But not any kind of meditation. Meditation that Fights Brain Fatigue. Well, it’s actually more like a brain exercise that combines specific breathing pattern with hand motion and eye focus to make you feel refreshed, rested and calm. Plus it helps to creat new connections in our brain.

It’s based on a science of breath and neural pathways. 

Would you like to find out my Brain Fatigue Exercise? Check out this video

If you know of anyone that might need this specific information, please pass this email along. You might save them from brain fatigue. 

Did you know you can still join our meditation challenge/party? So far 50 people have committed to do this beautiful meditation every day for 40 days.
We are currently on day 9. Learn more here:


Live From Your Heart 40 Days Meditation Challenge/ Party

Here are some real and some imagined questions that I heard about this challenge.

Where is the party at?

It’s all going to take place within your own hot and cool, wild and gentle, sexy and cute INNER SELF. Whether you’ll find yourself on a beach, forrest, office, gym, or just plainly at your own home.

Do I need to meditate every day? 


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Are you going through a major life transformation but your fear is holding you still and your ego confuses the hell out of you?


Do you feel like there is something else that you should be doing but the fear of the unknown is waaay too big for you to even consider giving your idea a try?


Year 2014 is really a powerful year to put your dreams and ideas to action in order to create a life that is more aligned with who you truly are. Don’t let the fear stop you and/or your ego confuse you.

In this video I’ll tell you about
-  a strong fear that was holding me back from getting an amazing job
- a new way to look at fear and what do video games have to do with it
- 3 most important questions to ask yourself when fear holds you dead still
- a REAL, tangible, physical tool that will transform your energy so that you have the power to ACT on your dreams and ideas and finally transform your life. It is called Bowing Jaap Sahib Meditation
Yes it’s a lot for these few minutes so listen and watch carefully.
I hope these few ideas will help you to make your life transformation easier.



For the full musical track of Bowing Jaap Sahib please check out this article by Mr.Sikhnet



What is one specific fear that’s holding you back from shining your brilliant light?

How to stay graceful under pressure

You must have lived under the rock, not to feel a lot of pressure last month. It was affecting everyone in many different ways.

I’ve got my fair share as well. Without analyzing it too much, there were many factors present, the end of really long winter was getting longer and longer, the astrological alignment (Grand Cross anyone?) was pretty intense, my mom was visiting and that brought out a lot of the same old family issues (like arguing whether my daughter can eat cucumbers or not, yes this is one of our on going arguments) and on top of that the stock market was (and still is) falling down.

What do I have to do with a stock market?

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build-palaceWe live in amazing times.

We are all awakening to higher energy and we are all starting to vibrate at the higher frequency. Have you been receiving messages, or strong nudges to let go of the old and start anew? Do you feel you either need to change your diet, lifestyle, follow your heart in career, or feel called to help others? Like Catalyst Yogi says, “you have to be zombie not to get these messages”. Follow and act on those messages.

However there is also a lot of noise that you don’t need to listen to or follow. There is too much information, too many distractions, choices, suggestions, and also things to do, problems to solve, … and money to make.  Some of these things are important and some are not so important.

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