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Clint westernYou know those cowboys from old western movies? They always keep their cool, nothing seems to throw them off. At the same time they are quick with a word or to pull out a gun.

Hmm and what’s interesting there is always a lot whistling in those movies….

Watch this video to learn one short little breathing technique that you can practice if you want to be cool as Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

I teach what I find helpful and this is one of these meditations.

The video includes the 3 minute meditation that you can do with me.


Can meditation feel like this and still be a good thing?

I always say that meditation is just a form of mind exercise and following meditation is a proof.

Your body doesn’t run on coffee; it runs on breath.


Do you know what happens when you take control of your breath and start to pay attention to it and even go as far as to regulate it?

 You’ll step into the driving seat of your body, mind and your life.

Here is the truth. You are very powerful human being. You can have the life you want, you can be happy all the time and have anything you desire. The first step is to start breathing consciously.


When you practice something like 1 minute breath you might feel you are under tremenous tension as if you put on breaks of a fast moving train.


All you need to do in situation like that is tell yourself relax,…relax,… relax.


While practicing breath control, you are teaching yourself to have mental control over your life, your emotions and desires and to not let them run your life.


You are also teaching yourself to handle stress.
Go ahead and watch the video below for instructions for Meditation for Mental Control with One Minute Breath


All the wisdom is already inside you.




It is time to stop


take a break


release your back!


You will feel so much better.

And do it at least for a minute. Nothing happens when you twist twice right and left.

Your body does not only want to look good, It wants to feel good as well.


Anyone needs an extra money?


Maybe you have recently become self-employed, or are thinking about it, but you worry about insecurity it brings? I want to congratulate you because you have made, or are thinking about making a GREAT decision. The times are changing and secure jobs will be harder and harder to find. Those who are starting to work for themselves now, have a huge advantage. This will become even more apparent as the time goes on.

 Shifting your gears, whether it’s your job, life style, or a life partner, takes time to get use to. It takes patience and the money is often times missing during these big life changes. Many people and especially many light workers (those who spread love and light) are working really hard but still are having hard time with money.

A lot of times the problem lies in the notion that prosperity is not spiritual or is plainly wrong on some level.  That is not true. God created us and the whole planet so that we all have enough and some more. The reason why prosperity is not flowing is because we are somehow misaligned. We have maybe a block in our way of thinking and doing things.

This meditation for prosperity is tried and true and has worked out for MANY people, including me. You will be taken care of financially if you practice it daily. It will help you remove any obstacles that are holding you back from bringing more prosperity into your life. This is one of many secrets that has been kept by yogis in Himalayas for thousands of years.

Try it out and let me know how it works out for you.

If anyone is up for a challenge to do this meditation for 40 days, sign up here on this link http://meditationchallenge.happyfreespirit.com/prosperity-meditation/

For printable PDF instructions click here


TAB-4-strong-croppedAt a point of total exhaustion while juggling toddler, and many errands of the day, I thought to myself,

what if all of this is my fault?

What if I am actually creating this exhaustion for myself?

I love my daughter and I want the best for her. I try to make her happy and always attend to her when she needs me (and that’s all the time).

And I did the same for everyone around me, actually. Even when I was already very busy I would never say that. I wanted to do everything.


However it was driving me to exhaustion, I had to say NO MORE, I had to set healthy boundaries.


To help me with my decision to have strong will and to say no more often, I started doing this exercise every day. Check it out it’s fun and short.


How do you feel about your boundaries? Is it easy for you to say no? Or is it hard like for me?


Did you know that the strongest message that you can deliver to someone is through your presence and your way of being?

Our neighbor is this 86 year old gentleman who walks up and down 3 flights of stairs at least twice a day. But it’s not his “athletic” ability that makes me write this email to you.

It is his general attitude towards life that I find very inspiring.
“You’ve got to take care of what you have otherwise he’ll (pointing up) take it back.”, he told me the other day.
This might seem like a total cliche to you, but when it comes from a man who lives by himself in great health and spirits, it means a lot to me. My neighbor inspires me everyday to not complain and be grateful for all I have; and that’s why I do yoga and meditation everyday. And especially why I do this exercise every single day to keep my back healthy and strong. You know mothering is tough on my back…
Why not take a break and make a breakthrough TODAY!


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