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I don’t have time

4-ways-we-lose-time How many times do you say to yourself, “I don’t have time.” How many times do you wish you would have more hours in the day?
Pretty much everyday.

But not out loud because my mom is visiting and she won’t stand for that.
She always tells me “Time is NOT an excuse”
And even though I HATE her saying that, I have to admit, it is true. Everyone has the same amount of hours in the day.

I had to change my “I don’t have time” to “This is of no interest to me, at this moment.” Sounds really pretentious, right?
But I have to say, It feels so liberating. It’s like I take off few energetic pounds from my being every time I say it. I recommend it to everyone.


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huge.3.16575I’m still a little bit embarrassed to write this. But when I was a teenager, I had a huge issue with picking up the phone and calling certain people, specially this one boy I was dating :) (I’m still blushing). Let’s say it was Friday and when we left the school we would agree that I would call him if I was free and wanted to meet. I have no idea why I agreed to that.

I spend the whole Saturday freaking out and postponing the phone call. I knew I needed to call him to be able to see him and meet him. If I didn’t call he might think I don’t want to see him or I’m busy or something.

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How to say no to cookies

Chocolate croissant for breakfast, cookies for lunch, ice cream after dinner or instead of dinner and in between bread with butter.
That was literary one of my days this month. Absolutely terrible thing to do to your body, I know.

My excuse? Some days I just really need a little sugar to give me quick energy and keep me going. This past month was especially bad for me because my mom came to visit with a suitcase full of Slovakian sweets (as it was instructed to her), it was also my husbands birthday (we had two birthday cakes). Plus two days ago we just HAD to go to fabulous Jean-Georges restaurant mainly because of their Warm Chocolate Cake. Yes it was amazing! The most basic recipe executed to perfection. Even vanilla bean ice cream was out of this world, made slightly tangy to compliment the sweetness of the chocolate cake.

I realized that I might have a problem and that’s why the beginning of lent seems like a perfect time to eliminate sugar until Easter.
As coincidence would have it, my friend who tried one of my video meditations asked me if there is a meditation to help her hold off from sweets.
That’s when I remembered, of course there is. Thanks to Amantha Tsaros who made me remember.

Whenever you have a presence of mind before you’ll go for something sweet, take 3 deep slow breaths. After that you are less likely to overindulge on an ice cream or a cake and if you do, it will be your fully conscious decision.

Your breath is directly connected to your soul which is always striving for your highest good. When you breathe consciously you will live consciously and eat consciously.

I’ll definitely be practicing this technique a lot in the upcoming weeks. Wish me luck.

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by Dawn K. Gibson

Now that you have a greater understanding of your child’s brain and nervous system, it’s time to dive into the 7 steps I’ve created to help you calm your child’s tantrums without putting her/him in time out or ignoring her.

I will explain each step in detail, but please know that these steps really take no time at all once you get the hang of it.

A-Ahhhhhh…Consciously Breathe!

breathe2Taking deep breaths is one of the quickest ways to calm your nervous system.
When your child starts tantruming, feel your feet on the floor and take a big deep breath with sound.
Breathe in your nose, let your belly rise.
Breathe out of your mouth, let your belly fall.
Do this two to three times.

T-Take a moment to assess how you are feeling

EPSON scanner imageAs you consciously breathe, notice what is happening inside of your body.
Notice any tension that presents itself in your physical body.
Notice any tightness, temperature, or other sensations as you scan your body from head to toe.

After scanning your entire body, pay attention to the part that seems to stand out more than the others.

Now, give that part of your body your full attention and breathe into it.
You can do this for one second or one minute.
After breathing into the tense body part, notice how you are feeling.
Are you feeling triggered by the tantrum?
Are you feeling embarrassed, angry, or irritated?
There is no self-judgment here, just noticing.
Continue to breathe as you allow yourself to be in the moment, feeling whatever emotion is arising for you.

Know that what you resist persists, so don’t squash your feelings (or your child’s)!

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Part Two of “Calm Your Child’s Tantrum” series.

by Dawn Gibson

Step 1: Support Your Child’s Nervous System Development



First, it’s important to know that every baby is born with an underdeveloped nervous system that slowly matures throughout childhood.

You, as her caregiver, are solely responsible for regulating your baby’s or young child’s nervous system.
This probably feels like a huge responsibility, but it is true.


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Note from Zita: “I am so happy to introduce you guys to Dawn K. Gibson and her 3 part mini series blog hosted here on Happy Free Spirit about ‘Your Child Tantrums’. Dawn is a mom of 3, social worker, counselor, coach and above all a guide for conscious moms. You can learn more about Dawn on her website dawnkgibson.com “. 


tantrumDid you know that temper tantrums are a “normal” part of human development?

I know you feel frustrated, anxious, and tired when your child tantrums at times.

As a matter of fact, my three-year old daughter’s tantrums are pretty constant these days and she only has them with me. So, needless to say, I feel your pain!

I’m guessing that many times, you feel helpless and want the meltdowns to STOP, especially when you are in the middle of the grocery store.

Unfortunately for your child, he doesn’t know how to verbally express his feelings, yet.

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